We are a group of cottage owners based in the St Davids Peninsula that have come together to offer our customers something different. Each member of the group offers several different styles of accommodation, ranging from a St Davids City Boathouse to eco-friendly countryside cottages and even a traditional Mongolian ‘Yurt’ overlooking the Dowrog Common. Our cottages are 4 and 5 star and provide the highest quality facilities to make your stay comfortable. They are an ideal base for exploring the Pembrokeshire coastline and trying out the range of activities available in the local area.

We look forward to you staying with us when you next visit the smallest city in Great Britain.

Tŷ Gwilym Cottages

St Davids Peninsula Cottages - Ty Gwilym

Hamish & Linda

Tŷ Gwilym, Bwthyn Lil, Bwthyn Gwe, The Boathouse

Linda and I started coming to St Davids in 1982, when we discovered the wonderful camp site at Caerfai Bay. We fell in love with the views across St Brides Bay and St Davids itself and so returned with our children for the next 20 years or more. We then decided it was the right time to look for some accommodation with a proper roof and in 2008 we found Ty Gwilym Holiday Cottages. We love using the cottages as a family every year and letting them out to all our customers. We really look forward to hearing from you.

Maen Dewi Cottages


Steve & Pippa

Yr Hendy, Bwythyn Dowrog, Tŷ Beudy, Yurt

Steve and Pippa made their move to Pembrokeshire in 2012, purchasing Maen Dewi Farm and the cottages; a decision not regretted for a moment! Steve is a Director of a graphic design business based in London, but now mainly works from his home office and Pippa works in research at Swansea University. The Farm is currently down to long leys for grazing sheep and cattle. Maen Dewi is not an organic farm but adheres to a minimal input philosophy. There is a conservation area, with a big pond, a hay meadow and a small wooded area for guests to enjoy. Pippa and Steve share their space with Alfie the dog, eight friendly cats and Pippa’s bees (also friendly).

Tretio Cottages


Rob & Honey

Tŷ Gwartheg, Ysgubor, Bwthyn Bach, Y Felin

Rob & Honey offer the cottages furthest away from the city centre in the peaceful countryside. The cottages sit on the edge of 220 acres of farmland, which still farm cattle and sheep and has been worked on by Robs family for the last 50 years. The cottages on this farm are very Eco Friendly, using two PV panel arrays that generate 8kw of electricity and use a wood pellet boiler that supplies the heat and hot water. If you are conscious of your carbon footprint this is the place for you to spend your time in St Davids. It’s not to far away form civilisation, but you can still enjoy the countryside.